Photography Denver

I recently had the great opportunity to attend a wedding and portrait photography convention in Las Vegas with a great friend and colleague. It was such an amazing experience. I found it to be so inspiring to be surrounded by so many smart and talented people and I took away from the experience so much more then I had expected to. I truly believe its so important to be inspired and moved by the things and people we love, it pushes us to be our greatest. I try to find inspiration in my life as often as possible- but its not always easy.

I walked out of one of the classes I attended at the convention and I saw how beautiful the light was and I instantly was inspired to take a photo. So many times I walk away from these moments that inspire me and I feel like I missed out on something! This time I didn’t and it might not be the best photo, but the way it made me feel and how it inspired me to act is what this photo is all about! This is my lovely friend Jamie, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much she inspired me on this trip and I feel so blessed to have had this experience with her. I feel like we are truly doing ourselves a disservice when we don’t stop and think about how the people in our lives can inspire us.

I am so excited to take all my new knowledge and inspiration and apply it not only to my business, but to my life. I encourage you to go out and be inspired and I promise you it will lead you to great things! Don’t find yourself walking away from an amazing moment!

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